Local Projects - Transnational Discourses


In 2020, EVC initiated an education programme for documenta fifteen under the title "CAMP on education" (Link). Since then, this format has been developed in cooperation with documenta's education department, for example through joint seminars (Link), workshops (Link), public lectures (Link), collaboration on funding and the development of organisational structures. This ultimately led, among other actions, to a summer school in Kassel at the beginning of August 2022 (Link), a residency programme for students from EVC partner universities (Link), and finally to the congress "Transcultural Visual Worlds" in Augsburg held in October 2022 (Link).


EVC has also made a decisive contribution to the international discourse through specific local projects. For this purpose, a workshop of all participating partners was held in Nairobi in April 2022 (Link). At this workshop, those local projects were presented, discussed, further developed and interconnected. The further development of these projects is presented on this page.