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Dum Emmanuel Tettey: Our Women Our Culture. Digital Image (Adobe Photoshop)



People play distinct roles in society and in Ghana women are no exception. In this write-up the artist seeks to project a past experience that seem to be waning among the people of Ghana. The concept was based on a time in the past when ladies/women walked to the stream at dawn or during sunset to fetch water with a clay pot for domestic use.  The ladies dressing at that time portrayed Ghanaian clothing identity. With the development of technology and contact with European traders, there has been changes in clothing and other aspects of visual culture among women.


Walking to the streams in those days was part of an exercise since the ladies/women had to walk distances to the stream to start the day’s activities. For some of them, it tended to be fun, walking to the stream since they meet friends on the way and chat, gossip, tease each other just to have fun.




tettey portrait


Dum Emmanuel Tettey is a third year Graphic Design student specializing in Multimedia at the University of Education, Winneba - Ghana.