Towards a transnational and transdisciplinary textbook for Ghana and Germany


In 2022 the collaboration between art teachers from the University of Education Winneba, Ghana and the State Institute for School Quality and Educational Research in Munich, Germany led to the publication of a handbook for German art teachers. It's title: "Global Perspectives in Art Education Using Objects from West Africa". Based on this fruitful cooperation, teams from both countries will now work on a joint transnational textbook that can be used for art lessons in secondary schools in Ghana as well as in Germany.


The project is intended as a contribution to glocal citizenship education in both countries. The focus of the didactic materials that will be developed for this art education textbook is on multi-perspectivity and interdisciplinarity.


  • Art education teams in Ghana (UEW) and Germany (Universities of Augsburg, Bayreuth, Munich, Passau)
  • Interdisciplinary partners from geography (Esther Danso-Wiredu, Kati Barthmann and Gabriele Schrüfer) and history (Gertrude Nkrumah and Moritz Pöllath)
  • Process support by critical friends: Avitha Sooful, South Africa; Jana Tiborra and Ansgar Schnurr, Germany